New AFI Song “The Conductor” Leaks Online

AFI - The Conductor

AFI earlier today, revealed the official album artwork and track list for their upcoming album, Burials. Well, thanks to various New Zealand fans who had early access to a new AFI single titled, “The Conductor” and music hungry Tumblr fans have resulted in a leak of AFI’s new single. “The Conductor” is definitely different than previously released singles, “I Hope You Suffer” and my personal favorite “17 Crimes.” The new single is more electronic heavy grabbing cues from frontman Davy Havok and guitarist Jade Puget’s side project, Blaqk Audio. AFI fans have become split in either liking the track or wondering why the band took this electronic-heavy direction for the new song.

You can stream AFI’s new single “The Conductor” (via Tumblr) below:

So blasties, what did you think of AFI’s new single “The Conductor?” Are you excited for their upcoming album, Burials? Let us know in the comments down below!

AFI will release Burials on October 22nd, and if you haven’t yet, you can check out the official music video for “17 Crimes.”

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Brandon Flores
Brandon Flores
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  • Navro

    i liked afi better when davey thought he was danzig…not digging the depech mode rip off

    • Shit Bird

      I liked that better too, but I don’t hate this. I hated the last 2 albums though.

  • Shelbulba

    Bands that don’t grow die. Whether or not it’s the general direction that fans wish they did is a flip of the coin. I for one really can’t stand the releases preceeding Black Sails so think this will be a fucking badass record. There’s literally fifteen years that people could have decided to quit giving AFI a chance since the electronic infusion that was definitely coming on all future releases, so everyone needs to quit complaining and embrace the works or quit the hate and simply walk away. There’s plenty of other bands out there I’m sure that can appease your eardrums.

    • jackrazzlin

      I can’t even comprehend how spot on you are. You put it in words I could never have. Bless you.

  • tHoj101

    I love the new direction. I’ll be shunned by AFI fans for saying this but Crash Love was my favourite AFI album. The opener, ‘Torch Song’ is probably my favourite track they’ve ever done. They’re not trying to be the band they were ten years ago and that’s why they’re still relevant.

  • PMan

    @shelbulba:disqus not true, Sick Of It All is still killing it. Playing the same music.

  • Alex Coyle

    As someone who has been an avid AFI fan for over a decade, I love that they keep exploring different sounds and dig most everything they have done. They maintain that gothic melancholy, amazing lyrics, and general style even as they branch out to other genres. All this to say, Black Sails In the Sunset is my favorite album of theirs by far. And if I had to categorize myself as anything it would be a metal head (as in Lamb of God, Despised Icon, Between the Buried and Me, etc.). And as a metal head, I too can’t stand the direction some bands have gone. But my point is that it all boils down to opinion. It doesn’t make them less talented musicians, nor does it negate the work they have done post The Art of Drowning/Sing the Sorrow (as that seems to be where most people say they ended making good music).