Never Shout Never Begin Recording ‘Recycled Youth: Volume 1′

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Recycled Youth

Never Shout Never frontman Christofer Drew first mentioned the existence of an album titled Recycled Youth late last year during one of the band’s late (but great) holiday shows, leaving fans with a very subtle, yet screaming at you metaphor for what the album might entail. While some fans quickly realized the upcoming album would be a re-working of classic Never Shout Never songs, there was still a few out in the crowd hanging on for confirmation before getting too excited (I was not one of them, I got excited quickly).

Well, some great news for those of you out there waiting for confirmation, Christofer Drew announced via Instagram (by way of Loveway Records) and Twitter that the band has begun recording Recycled Youth: Volume 1 which is scheduled for release sometime this year, and will fill the spot of 1 of 2 Never Shout Never albums looking to be released this year. The upcoming throwback album will feature re-worked songs from Never Shout Never’s past, which could essentially be anything from the band’s back catalogue. I for one am pretty excited to see what changes between the original tracks to the re-worked updates, or if anything will be changed at all, it’s all a pretty groovy mystery at the moment. You can catch Christofer Drew’s Instagram update and various tweets below:

First day of recording “Recycled Youth Volume 1″ #NSN

No further information is known pertaining to Never Shout Never’s upcoming throwback album, Recycled Youth: Volume 1 but I’m sure more studio updates and further concrete information (artwork, track list, release date) will be released in the very near future, so check back daily as we’ll keep you updated as more information is released.

So blasties, what are your thoughts on Recycled Youth: Volume 1? What songs are you hoping make the cut? Also, would you like to see a Recycled Youth: Volume 2? Let us know in the comments down below!

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